Social media inspirational leadership spam – Enough is Enough!

To be honest, am pretty much fed up with all the How-to: recruit/retain/manage/lead/inspire your employees etc….motivational junk in social media. Especially on LinkedIn. There is endless barrage of articles and quotes from ‘business leaders/management gurus/trend setters/C-levels and rank-‘n-file  members who, all of a sudden are allowed to share their “wisdom” with the crowd. Predominantly,  a copycat […]

Nice to get acquainted: blogs – a new form of Art, Content Art

  When confronted with the question what do I get from this blog, except for the intellectual and moral satisfaction, it took me a while to figure out the answer. After all, regretfully, I am not making any money from it. People seem to enjoy my ideas, humour, cats, you name it, without any consideration of […]