Ride the panic – sack ‘em ‘ol!!!!

I have managed to reconstruct the article (published in TIM’s November 2008 newsletter) from my personal files. Below: November Guest Author Ride the panic – sack ‘em ‘ol!!!!!! By: Vickie Zisman “Hey ho, hey ho – it’s time for you to go” and you, you and you. The whole millions and millions of YOU – […]

Post Valentine’s – on the emotional depth of the dubious characters!

A friend of mine,  a Heavy Metal fan,  remarked several years ago that the most beautiful romantic ballads were composed by the Heavy Metal bands (Scorpions, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Kiss and such). I am talking, of course, such classics as: “Still loving you”, “Stairway to Heaven”, “Nothing else matters”, “Beth”. After all the mushy sugary […]

Israel as a comic relief……for the weekend

OK, I was serious enough for the last couple of posts, so I guess I deserve a well earned comic relief. It’s Friday and my mind is totally empty of any meaningful thought. The blessing of eternal vacuum in the BOX. YYEESS. No new serious thoughts allowed till Sunday. So here it goes…. 1. Why I […]

An Ode to Craze – re-evaluation of common management cliches

  The box is there We go nowhere We just can’t get it right . We crave the new We use the old  And do as we were told . We let the bricks That stacked inside Define and frame the fold . They squeeze your mind As they decide The boundaries of mold They crush your sense In […]

The difference in marketing behavior of big and small companies- השוני בגישה השיווקית בחברות גדולות לעומת קטנות

    Just a short quick strategic musing. These days I just completed a logistics and shipping industry survey for a certain publication. I have interviewed 10 companies: about 5 big ones (including local branches of internationals) and 5 small local providers. Their marketing behavior couldn’t be more polar. Basically, the big ones didn’t try […]

My Kittie Cat

My kittie cat jumped on my lap and said: Why don’t you scratch my chin While you at that I will collect My thoughts that are within My fingers running through her fur Extracted blissful purr Her eyes  closed shut and she reposed Submitting  evermore Her velvet paws just slightly twitched In tandem with her dreams I […]