Facebook, Twitter and the rest who you think can spy the best ?

Another article in i-hls.com. The full version, as always  🙂 http://i-hls.com/2013/04/facebook-twitter-and-the-rest-who-you-think-can-spy-the-best  Hope I won’t get a virtual stoning after this column, because I am going to shatter the Holy Golden Calf of the social networks – their traditional usability. After the digital dust has settled, the marketing/sales wonders promised by the early social media gurus […]

Netting a Woman – my new article in i-hls.com

First of all, the link to the English version: http://i-hls.com/2013/04/netting-a-woman/ And now, as always (to “save” the material), the full text with the original link. Written by: Vickie Zisman I am sure Mel Brooks or Jay Roach (Austin Powers) would love to adapt the following for the screen:  Matta Harry, Stella Rimington, Judi Dench, Julia […]

Emancipation – do we (women) really want it?

This post will be both in English and Hebrew (below), because it’s important for me to share the following observation with as wide an audience as possible. Has the emancipation ever happened, really? It has been some time that I had this nagging uneasy feeling of some sort of deja-vu regarding my son’s pre-school socio-economic […]