Passover 2015 humour!

  Q: What do you call someone who derives pleasure from the bread of affliction? A: A matzochist.     Moses was sitting in the Egyptian ghetto. Things were terrible. Pharaoh wouldn’t even speak to him. The rest of the Israelites were mad at him and making the overseers even more irritable than usual, etc. He […]

Reason vs Sentiment -why Center-Left in Israel failed..Again. הגיון מול רגש – מדוע מרכז שמאל בארץ נכשל….שוב.

Recovering from the losers’ hangover. Yesterday at 22:00 desperation started to creep in. The flicker of hope even for the lame unity government was shattered in the morning with the ballots results. Israel is the land of paranormal phenomena, persistently we are not subject to reason. Any fact, intelligent argument or analysis is not valid in our […]