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Historian by education. Corporate communications professional – by vocation. “Holy cows” in management & life slayer – by choice. Highly allergic to self-righteous hypocrites, universal moral preachers et al. Incurable, politically incorrect, cynic. Mad cat-lover. For further clarifications – you can always leave a comment on the blog, visit   Profile of Vickie Zisman on LinkedIn   or connect with me on Twitter @VickieZisman.

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  1. Yigal, it’s a free platform, hence everything is basic. If you are not happy with my site, you don’t have to visit, you know.

    My forte is content, not the tech aspect of it, which I receive 4 free 🙂 For your info, I did try to fix the link to make it active, but for some reason it doesn’t work. As I said, do copy-paste, if you wish to get to my LinkedIn profile.


  2. Vickie,
    You are a true professional and blessed with the ability to communicate your well thought out ideas and beliefs beyond just a skilled communicator but a leader in communicating your ideas that have an impact on us, the readers. Thank you, you keep me on my toes!!!


  3. Vickie,
    Such a complainer, that Yigal Laviv is! I just visited your LinkedIn profile. If you should wish to change the link in this About post (although it is a simple matter to copy it into my browser, just as you suggested to others!), either remove the URL of this page which by accident is appended to it, or just replace with this:
    Profile of Vickie Zisman on LinkedIn


  4. Hi Ellie, many thanks! It works…at least for now…Just changed as per your instructions. 🙂

    Regarding Yigal, I happen to know him. He’s quite an elderly person, so I guess the grumpiness comes with an age. We should understand and forgive. And am not sure we will be much better at his age 😦

    P.S. – you are most welcome to share the blog – whatever post/page you liked. Spread the word, kinda way 🙂


  5. its not a koshka but a rys’ 😉
    cats are OK, but to really feel the love, you need a dog to welcome you home from work


    • צרי קשר

      yigal laviv

      editor in chief





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      Tzvi-Gad commented: “its not a koshka but a rys’ 😉 cats are OK, but to really feel the love, you need a dog to welcome you home from work TG”


  6. Dear Tzvi,

    Indeed the background pic is of the Northern (Canadian) Lynx, which is also a proud member of the Cat Family at large. I love all of them! And would love to raise a rys’ (lynx).

    Regarding cats vs dogs, will beg to disagree. I have two minimised tigresses at home and their EQ is overwhelming. But, as you know – to each their own.


  7. If I lived in Israel I would certainly be breeding lions as they are sadly extinct from a country that has them as the original symbols of royalty

    As a past adopter of an abandoned kitten, I know about feline EQ although as he matured Heshy became more reserved

    However, I had never heard of any feline perform the happy welcome dance that my Kleva goes through even if I’m away for only two hours.

    I did succeed in convincing my cousin to adopt a kitten that got stuck to his leg at a cemetery. Even he accepted there was something special about finding a kitten at a cemetery that did the opposite of expected. And now Tono has even ‘grown’ on my cousin’s 47 kg 11 year old mastiff cross.

    Tzvi-Gad (its a double name because one was not enough 🙂


  8. Thanks for clarifying it’s a double first name. It must be a bit awkward when people confuse it with the surname and getting one’s name right is important..

    Regarding peculiar traits: my youngest, Tuli, is a mix of a cat, dog and a kangaroo. She brings back balls thrown to her, eats crusts of a goat brie (loves goat cheese), sings when begs for food, and looks like a baby Joey when sits down.. The oldest, Clio, looks a bit akin the Northern Lynx, (she’s a Siberian Forest Cat), with this intelligent old sage expression.

    What more can I say? Cats’ love is more precious in my eyes, precisely because they are NOT as subservient as dogs. And when an independent free spirit creature, voluntarily gives its love to you, I think it’s even more wonderful.

    I am a cat person, so….


  9. Yes, names are important…its the gematria 🙂

    Wow, you have a catadogaroo?! Was Tuli’s mum owned by a mad geneticist? 😉

    My aunt used to have a Siberian Forest Cat in another life that totally dominated their SDS Chihuahua simply because Barsik was about the size of a Main Coon

    Perhaps you have the dogs all wrong. Dogs are not subservient. The work for a living. This has been their self-imposed contract with Humanity, and they like the deal. Kleva is a Malinois x Kelpie (like this one http://www.carouselmalinois.com/images/hunter5ptmajor.jpg), so for her chasing the ball is work, and she must get at least two hours of work daily, three is better, to love me as much as she can. Other than that she is fairly independent but of course mostly obedient to my directions. This is the problem with cats. You can’t take them anywhere, and where they go, most people never never know!

    So if you are a cat person, in theory you crave hesed.
    On the other hand I needed a ‘therapy’ that put some discipline into my life, so I got Kleva…though I had wanted a dog for some years simply because I like dogs as well as cats.
    I wanted to get a cat also, but when she was still a four month old puppy I needed to take her to the vet and there we met two cats in a carrier, and she had a ‘forgettable’ reaction to them, so I decided to wait 🙂
    It seems to me having one of each offers a true balance in animal companionship…
    My ex would have learned a lot from Kleva I think….


  10. Tzvi-Gad, I am really not versed at all in the deeper meaning of names or religious mystery interpretations of animal personalities. I like cats, I identify with them. I think they are very intelligent, emotionally as well, deep, creative and beautiful creatures. I don’t ask for more than that.


  11. This is not ‘religious’ (religion doesn’t mean what most people think it means) or ‘mystery’ (which originally referred to astrology), but more like Psychology 101, but seen from a Jewish perspective.
    Quite simply people like to name children with some meaning. A name is a very basic and personal identity creator, or as you would say ‘branding’. Most people though are desensitised to their names by the time they are old enough to care, and often don’t even know the meaning of their names. Do you know your name meaning?

    Hesed is another much overused word, particularly by the haredim, but it is a part of Ivrit, and simply means a sort of permissiveness, in the way parents express their love for children by not being strict with them until a certain age. Some interpret this as ‘freedom’, but it isn’t since letting children run ‘free’ rarely ends well. More formally it means ‘a supervised exploring and interacting with the immediate environment’ 🙂 Not as catchy as the Lubavich ‘loving-kindness’, but a lot more rational.

    You understand the problem of electronic communication is that in doing so no assumptions can be made about the person on the other side of the screen?

    So when you say that you identify with your very intelligent, high EQ, deep and creative cats, you are describing yourself? This is high praise indeed. May I ask how you express your ‘deepness’ and creativity?

    Perhaps I should read a bit more of your blog…


  12. Tzvi-Gad:

    1. I will NOT define myself. AlI can say is that I am attracted to beauty and brain: as the basic underlying principle for everything. I detest ugliness – not in a superficial external notion, but as a behavioral manifestation of a sick mind and evil. We should emulate the good, and this is what guides me.

    2. My name means winning. I stick to that. And won’t change it.

    3. I try to refrain from popular psychology. It’s a nice intellectual pastime for a Friday evening chat with friends, however, I try very hard not to let it guide my life. There are more competent people who are experts at that.

    4. My blog is my thought. If you read Harry Potter, Dumbledore had a Pensieve. This is mine.

    5. Electronic communication gives an illusion of intimacy and familiarity. It’s a very deluding tool, because you are talking to a complete stranger, not seeing their facial expressions and not hearing their tone of voice. As far as this medium is concerned, it’s only black rows of words on an one-dimentional computer screen.


  13. But Vickie, I didn’t ask you to define yourself 🙂 You sort of had already with this ““Holy cows” in management & life slayer – by choice. Highly allergic to self-righteous hypocrites, universal moral preachers et al. Incurable, politically incorrect, cynic.”
    Perhaps you distrust my motives for posting comments here…but I have none. You invited in your LinkedIn profile, so I decided to visit and take a look.

    [And what is an example of a “holy cow” in management & life?!]

    Nor did I suggest you change your name. However, when you decide you want to find out the original meaning, ask me I’m not sure about my ‘beauty’, but I’ll try to put my best foot forward with my brain 😉

    The Jewish view of the inner workings of the Human mind had never been popular 😉 even if Freud and so many other early psychologists were Jewish. And, we were I think having a Friday chat…even if in different time zones 🙂

    But I like talking to total strangers! I’m old enough 🙂
    Everyone has a story, and I like to hear them, and if they are interested, to tell my own. However, it seems to me I had not been either ‘intimate’ or overly ‘familiar’ in my comments to your blog…have I?

    Try to be less cynical about total strangers. Some of us are family 🙂

    Sorry, but I hadn’t read Harry Potter books. I had seen one or two films, which I found to be…childish, but with great FXs. I loved the three headed dog though 🙂 In any case, I don’t think I have any excess thoughts…I’m not sure that’s possible!

    Hag someakh for what its worth (if you care), and Shavua tov…offered without any religious, mystical, intimate or familiar intent 🙂


  14. Oh, that’s ‘beautiful’….I can take the hint.
    Please consider doing some stress-reduction activities
    Through the ‘black rows of words’ your facial expressions and tone of voice resemble your ‘tigresses’, and not at all a koshka


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