Israel-Gaza conflict – the war funnies

Every violent conflict gives birth to the war humour. On one hand,the macabre, on the other, a sarcastic outlook that allows  psychological respite. Well  known that humour is the best stress relief, and  yes, we should employ it to deal with anxiety of the current engagement with the Palestinians. Because laughter is the best anti-depressant  in the world. So, hearing the […]

How come that hi-tech companies still shun digital marketing?

There is this endless ocean of words about digital marketing. The advice, concept, rules, conclusions . You name it. From big and small gurus. The do’s and don’ts of the trade. Still, speaking from my  personal “narrow” experience, it is nevertheless baffling  how many hi-tech companies shun the sphere. Granted that there should be a meticulous expert […]