Professionals are expected to work for free ……בעלי מקצועות חופשיים מצופים לעבוד בחינם

A short practical joke, these are the best. Had a coffee yesterday with a couple of friends, and we were also discussing business: marketing, business development, fundraising/investment. I was bitching how people – entrepreneurs and business owners – approach me to engage for my services, shamelessly proposing to work on a ‘success fee’.  Many execs apparently […]

Has marketing proved its worth to business? האם שיווק הוכיח את נחיצותו לעסקים?

Just a short  reflection. Was talking to an acquaintance the other day. He’s a partner/biz dev in a new  small company and we were discussing my potential professional contribution to their marketing effort. It ended up in my flatly refusing to take the job, because they were offering  pittance of a retainer for the work. They really couldn’t […]

The rise of the King of Ice – Diamonds as the new “It” thing in the chip industry

  Marilyn, Liz, Zsa Zsa, Posh, Kim et al – move aside girls. Your petty rocks and baubles are not so impressive anymore. There is a new King of Ice in town and He has nothing to do with superficial expressions of love and vain decoration. That’s one heavy dude there and he’s worth billions. […]