Nice to get acquainted: blogs – a new form of Art, Content Art


When confronted with the question what do I get from this blog, except for the intellectual and moral satisfaction, it took me a while to figure out the answer. After all, regretfully, I am not making any money from it. People seem to enjoy my ideas, humour, cats, you name it, without any consideration of the effort put into creating this fun content. Somehow, it looks quite  off hand, a slight of  finger on a keyboard,  to simply conjure the black rows on a screen. With some visuals to go.

And I am certainly not unique in that. The web is awash with a wonderful quality content masterpieces which are given  for free.

Has the technology trivialised  creativity so much,  rendering it almost worthless?

How come that even today, only the plastic physical art – painting and sculpture – seems to continue enjoying appreciation and a lofty, elevated, status worthy of connoisseur admiration and collection?  Jeff Koons’ banal balloons

or phallic obsessions are a value proof  investment  for the ‘savvy’ art gamblers?

What about Tracey Emin’s Dirty Bed (littered with used condoms, knickers, blooded menstrual pads etc)? Which Saatchi bought at the time for 150,000 quid? It is going on auction in NY later this year and  rumoured to fetch way above $ million.

Hey, I’ll sell you mine, complete with cat fur (one of them – pedigree),  for half  that price! 🙂 A real bargain, for sure.

So decomposing, weird presumptuous obsessions are priced at millions and eternal, ever evolving thought is…. what?

Isn’t it time to recognise blogs for what they truly are:  an authentic reflection of human perpetually transforming ingenuity –  an intellectual and spiritual asset, meriting collection and curation .  And yes, definitely worth investing!

P.S. – 4/7/2014 an update: Tracey Emin’s bed was sold couple of days ago at an auction for $4.4M. Enough said on the subject.


11 thoughts on “Nice to get acquainted: blogs – a new form of Art, Content Art

  1. Vickie
    I commend your writing style along with the underlying philosophy. Love your work.

    My best


  2. Good, so glad I am on here. Am I a subscriber? I will see it I can do this myself without asking for help, because this blog is awesome and highly unique, which draws me right to it!


  3. I think you only have to hit the follow button either on the upper tool bar or on the right hand side in the right corner.

    Thanks again for the honour of your presence here.


  4. preach it Vicky… I’m behind you in the choir, swaying back and forth punctuating your words with rhythmic utterances of “amen sister!”


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