Cats as true moral validators…..LOL!

Well, all this motivational moral verbal chaff of hard work,  PC culture and closets…Nothing like your home grown fur to attest to their real value in an every day application. Really, the CAT-WISDOM is the true litmus test to their practical worth. Judging from my own cats, they do know the best – I totally trust their instincts…. […]

Israel as a comic relief……for the weekend

OK, I was serious enough for the last couple of posts, so I guess I deserve a well earned comic relief. It’s Friday and my mind is totally empty of any meaningful thought. The blessing of eternal vacuum in the BOX. YYEESS. No new serious thoughts allowed till Sunday. So here it goes…. 1. Why I […]

Nice to get acquainted: blogs – a new form of Art, Content Art

  When confronted with the question what do I get from this blog, except for the intellectual and moral satisfaction, it took me a while to figure out the answer. After all, regretfully, I am not making any money from it. People seem to enjoy my ideas, humour, cats, you name it, without any consideration of […]

An Engineer’s Guide to Cats – funny!

A bit too long, but horribly cute and ‘educational’. There are, apparently,  engineers with EQ –   a discovery fit for “Science” and “Nature” magazines.  They even attempt to laugh at themselves, in their own square way. WOW….. P.S. – apparently, this video propelled him into almost an iternational celebrity status, got him an article […]