Why Russians will have it all 3

Well, 2 years ago I wrote my first bulletted thoughts on why Russians will have it all.  That post didn’t leave readers indifferent – I was either supported or derided. Then another one followed, complementing the information. So I decided to add some more now, because media coverage of Russia seems to be horrendously narrow and limited […]

Why Russians will have it all 2 – a grass roots update

 Just talked to my mom, bless her, and she told me that watching the Euro news in Russian there was a report about the Eurasian Economic summit in Minsk. with Armenia officially asking to join and China and India in a queue as well. Now what is a Eurasian Economic Union, you may justly ask? It’s the […]

Why Russians will have it all!

And actually, save the world and Western civilisation in the process!   1. Because they don’t give a damn about public opinion of the West about them. 2. Because they have their hand on the energy tap of the world – especially Europe. 3. Because Putin is a better strategist and a poker player than […]

Musing of the day: Obama vs Putin

Why do I have this nagging feeling that Obama, in his utter global political laziness, blindness and impotence, has single-handedly and voluntarily, given the Globe over  to Putin for keeps? Middle East, Iran, Asia  to say nothing of Europe, are all being sorted out buy the Russian Dobby.    And the midget didn’t even have […]

Facebook, Twitter and the rest who you think can spy the best ?

Another article in i-hls.com. The full version, as always  🙂 http://i-hls.com/2013/04/facebook-twitter-and-the-rest-who-you-think-can-spy-the-best  Hope I won’t get a virtual stoning after this column, because I am going to shatter the Holy Golden Calf of the social networks – their traditional usability. After the digital dust has settled, the marketing/sales wonders promised by the early social media gurus […]

Netting a Woman – my new article in i-hls.com

First of all, the link to the English version: http://i-hls.com/2013/04/netting-a-woman/ And now, as always (to “save” the material), the full text with the original link. Written by: Vickie Zisman I am sure Mel Brooks or Jay Roach (Austin Powers) would love to adapt the following for the screen:  Matta Harry, Stella Rimington, Judi Dench, Julia […]

www.rumafia.com – The Russian Assange? – or hopefully not…

Irrespective of the alleged sexual crimes of Julian, his activity has succeeded to unite all rivalling nations on the Globe against him. Democracies and Totalitarian regimes, all of a sudden had a common cause for cooperation  – Australian sex-obsessed leftist weirdo – who aired their dirty little (and big) secrets. How much damage can one […]