Working class saved the educated cowardly masses…? Yes, They Did!

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Just a brief thought following the socio-political shock waves in US and Europe (some still pending): everybody’s talking about the global uprising of the working class – the blue collars that were bypassed by the technological revolution and can’t find their place in the new scheme of things.

And I had this epiphany all of a sudden, that the mutinous working classes are actually  pulling out of the shit pit the educated middle ones: them, who have been an integral part of that new revolution, and in practice – horribly screwed by it. But being raised and nurtured in extreme individualism and sneering at the communal values of the past, the duped engineers and high tech “wizards” are too shy to scream aloud that the Emperor is Naked and the ‘system” crushed them as well. Because after all, when one thinks for a second, how long is an average career of a high tech engineer? 20 years? And where do they find themselves around 45+ – at the prime of their lives (what with the ever increasing human longevity and quality of life) – in the employment rubbish bin….What about all those managers, corporate functionaries that championed the ‘new economy’ that tossed them into the scrapheap the moment quarterly results were not stellar enough?

Well, how about finding yourself to be a useless human spare part, no matter what educational and work qualifications one possesses?

So now, when this collective ‘soul searching’  is in full swing – “Leaders”, politicians, especially those who feel their bums burning – I think the middle class owes this huge debt of ‘thank you’, to the worker in UK, USA and potentially Italy and France for pulling its hot potato out of the fire and bringing about this much needed change. Because sadly, the manager or an engineer have chickened out and were too impotent to challenge the existing order.

P.S. –

1.Just goes to show one that economy and society shouldn’t be governed by engineers….?

2. On Reddit,  I was asked to come up with facts on which based my ‘assumptions’. As I do not wish to regurgitate already published studies, but rather laconically sum them up, below are the links to a sample of the numerous publications on the subject…..

Enjoy! 🙂

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