Why Russians will have it all 3

Well, 2 years ago I wrote my first bulletted thoughts on why Russians will have it all.  That post didn’t leave readers indifferent – I was either supported or derided. Then another one followed, complementing the information. So I decided to add some more now, because media coverage of Russia seems to be horrendously narrow and limited to topics in the headlines only. Like Syria, Olympics, the sabre-rattling stand-off with NATO, here and there economic situation (mainly Bloomberg), Ukraine again…The usual drag.

However real ‘cherries’ have to be carefully searched and picked. The really interesting info does not seem to feature in the mainstream outlets – can’t really explain why. I will try to connect the dots for you.

Quietly and smoothly under the radar, Russia has been expanding into:

  • Moreover, Putin’s embarking on a daring project of offering an alternative to Suez Canal – with international help and cooperation (https://www.rt.com/business/338901-russia-iran-caspian-canal/). The Caspian Canal is planned to cut the shipping time from India to Moscow to just 14 days (from 40 at present). The moment of announcement doesn’t indicate the status of the project – for all we know, it can be after the plans have been finalised and approved. Time-to-market? Depends who will be doing the ‘digging’…

Europe’s is currently a geo-political mess, trying to sort out its own shop. Putin is having the time of his life with the bogus Cold War  circus, which frankly, he has to be suicidal to play through. Doubt he is. But most importantly, heading East, he’s establishing Russian economic and other presence  far away from home, in the former Western colonies, who are now seem to  happily  enjoy the warm  embrace of the Russian bear. Maybe, because he doesn’t bring his own book of laws into their house? Same as Chinese……



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