A short musing On Monarchy and Modern Democracy – the identical twins

Just been thinkin lately (yes, I know, it hurts, but someone has to do it), what with the European refugee crisis and the self-professed gurus of doom and back lash (like Stefan Molyneux –  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stefan_Molyneux). And all of a sudden it struck me – i remembered our family saying that even in a fool’s words lies a grain of truth. Thus Molyneux turned the light on  this chasm between the popular wishes and views in the European countries and their leaders” enforced policy on the subject.

Personally, have been having this uneasy feeling for some time now: the feeling of total condescending disregard, and maybe even downright contempt (see Angela Merkel) on the part of the politicians toward their indigenous populaton’s  fears and concerns. Or the prevailing majority concept of their national character. It reminded me a lot! of the Marie Antoinette attitude toward the ‘unwashed’. Or of any other monarch, for that matter. You see, our lives did not matter, our voices were never taken into account, unless made loud and clear by a sudden bang of a violent uprising……

But then, the democracy emerged – the Rule of the People for the people. It was supposed to be all about us, the lawful  majority. Our desires were to take precedence now, in a rational structured free mode of political process. The rulers now were accountable and replaceable every few years.

Or is it so? Then how come the Western people today sense that unintentionally and contrary to the initial plot they have traded one form of tyranny for another? Because de-facto, as discovered, there is no difference between the totalitarian monarchy and the modern democracy with regard to their wishes? How come that the trust in our politicians is at its lowest? How come that despite the choice we allegedly have, we still feel blatantly ignored and impotent to affect the course of our lives just a second after casting our ballot? How come that the people who rule us and were supposed to be part of us, in practice assume the same attitude as the blue-blood dictators of the past?

One may mock and disregard the popular self-professed Internet gurus, but they gain momentum, precisely due to the blind arrogant Icarus-like hubris of our political elites. They are in this fool’s paradise of shoving down our throats  – accountability-free? – these unsustainable delirious socio-economic engineering ideas. All dysfunctional: be it multi-culturism or economic neo-liberalism. Even when those concepts are blowing up in our faces, our ‘leaders’, Titanic-style, go on denying the reality, dancing to their own tune, which only they can hear.

A wise acquaintance of mine, a proponent of Ayn Rand’s Objectivism, remarked not so long ago that direct democracy is a disaster. And I tend to agree with him. Personally, do not subscribe to the wisdom of the crowds principle. However, sometimes the reality is the best teacher. If we don’t want to see the Frankenstein re-incarnation of the 3d Reich descending on Europe on the wings of the grassroots’ smarts, then our politicians should re-connect themselves to facts and extract that grain of truth from the popular sentiment, to turn things around.

Otherwise, we  should all practice the Fuhrer’s salute soon, following the mutiny of the not-so-silent-anymore guinea-pigs…or lab rats – all of us actually.


2 thoughts on “A short musing On Monarchy and Modern Democracy – the identical twins

  1. Democracy is not even a thing anymore. People gave up their rights willingly to spend more time playing on their iPhones, the latest video games, working overtime to make payments on fancy, new cars. The investment US made in Operation Paperclip and learning advanced mind control, truly paid off. The other “non zombie citizens” who resisted the sexy seductions of media and consumerism, were unfortunate casualties. The dark underbelly of a so-called “democratic system.” However, call it what it is … democracy – monarchy – totalitarianism … the only difference is what we’re brainwashed to believe in school/history books/on the news. Behind the curtain the Wizard controls EVERYTHING – the money, the media, the food supply, what we see/hear/believe, even our “supposed” elected leaders … EVERYTHING.
    I was shocked to find out several years ago that the 3rd party responsible for tallying/reporting election votes was not only a PRIVATE COMPANY, but NOT SUBJECT TO AUDITING.
    Even more shocking … nobody wanted to discuss it, or even cared. The most common response, “NO WAY that’s true, they could NEVER get away with something like that.”
    Nobody bothered to even look into this, to see for themselves that it was indeed, true.
    Everyone thinks everyone else is taking care of “the silly details” like that. A very convenient response for a 1st world country of self-medicated, overworked, superficial, internet/money/status-obsessed, entitled but lazy citizens.
    For the first time in my life, I’m ashamed to be an American.
    But if we get a sunburn it’s not the sun’s fault for shining, it’s OUR fault for being distracted because we were having WAY too much fun on the giant slide.


  2. “But if we get a sunburn it’s not the sun’s fault for shining, it’s OUR fault for being distracted because we were having WAY too much fun on the giant slide.” – I don’t think it’s fun, I think we are overworked to the point of lethargic apathy.


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