Cats as true moral validators…..LOL!

Well, all this motivational moral verbal chaff of hard work,  PC culture and closets…Nothing like your home grown fur to attest to their real value in an every day application. Really, the CAT-WISDOM is the true litmus test to their practical worth. Judging from my own cats, they do know the best – I totally trust their instincts….Rolling laughter

  1. Clio – the little furry house helper, giving all 4 soft fluffy paws to sort clean laundry:

Clio's checking the laundry

2. Tuli is highly  sceptical about social judgement on the closets. Hence prefers to stay inside:

Tuli the closet cat

3. Moreover, she takes no b……t from anyone and stands her own ground when it comes to things she likes – like a good quality espresso blend…..well, that’s AFTER she eventually was outed…of the closet.

I just love quality espresso!


4. Hard work, a worthy value constantly peddled in the inspirational quotes by thought/business/role model leaders…..Tuli has her own take on that:

Tuli, the Jockey Smurf


And I say, to paraphrase Louis Armstrong old song, follow the cat and see WHAT A BEAUTIFUL WORLD THIS WILL BE!

Image result for smiling cat images



5 thoughts on “Cats as true moral validators…..LOL!

  1. Believe me, they ARE THE BEST! in doing nothing. Am seriously thinking of pushing them into consultancy on it. To earn their keep (they are spoiled rotten and very expensive of course) Although Tuli is also prone to mischief…:)


  2. Absolutely, I would suggest Therapeutic Consultant to your friends. Unfortunately, like all great things in this world, there is no money in it, but I am sure that your friends/visitors would appreciate a lower blood pressure.

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