Easter – the thoughts on modern Resurrection

Just had this thought, following Brussels terror attack – is there a chance for Resurrection of Europe? Will there be a true soul searching process and discussion of the European identity? Beyond the shallow Brussels’ rules and mandarin speak…..Will this current death hype and porn lead to an effective shift in the mindset….Or will it be artificially kept alive by the tabloid press and vulture politicians, slowly fading away from our consciousness….Until the next atrocity somewhere else….Which will also result in a short shock, followed by brave comics. The only thing Europe seemingly can effectively mobilise now…..And after that, the oh so convenient oblivion of denial.

The roots of Easter are in the ancient regeneration rites of the Spring. So is there a chance of regeneration for Europe? Or is it totally liberally suicidal, Titanic style, pompously waltzing itself into the fiery embrace of Hades?

I love Europe. Would hate to see it go. Maybe now is the time for the Second Coming of some sort of Messiah…..no matter what race and ethnicity.


5 thoughts on “Easter – the thoughts on modern Resurrection

  1. With more than 400 of ISIS fighters in Europe, more atrocities are eminent. Now it’s definitely the time for the Messiah to come. Modern military has capability to turn sand to glass in a matter of seconds. May be it’s time for that, but then I sound like a warmonger, ignorant about combat, civilian collateral damage, geopolitical and socioeconomic impact and so forth. Or may be, just may be I want the Old Europe back, no matter what. Great article . Thank you.

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  2. You know, Europe’s been so busy bending over backwards, appeasing everybody (however, always finding the time to denounce Israel), that I am not sure they can find the strength to pull themselves up. Have no idea whether they are AWARE at all of their self-chosen euthanasia.


  3. Excellent thought provoking article Vickie. Europe is in denial and needs to wake up before it is “too late” and all control is lost. Terror, is here and the Great State of Israel has been warning the world of this and to wake up. Israel and her people live with terror on a daily basis. Now, we all face terror and need to be proactive in all measures of security. Europe must pull together and proactively fight terror side by side.
    Thank you Vickie!
    Keith C.

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    • Very well-said Keith. I also wanted to add, that in m humble opinion, hatred for Israel will prevail even over self-preservation. In some of my very candid conversations in Europe( with very interesting and intelligent) people, my argument of ” Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend” wasn’t even considered as a remote possibility. What is the point of inception for such hatred? I Vickie was kind calling it euthanasia. It’s not going to me quick or merciful. It will be long, painful, bloody and gory( I do pray and hope that I am wrong). You’re right, Vickie is a brilliant and thought provoking writer with unique insights and fusion of many relevant areas.


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