Lets cancel winter! And Christmas too….

Lets cancel winter!

And why not? Who needs it anyway?

The cold, the rain, the blizzard’s trail

I want it go away!


We unchain reindeer, set them free

To roam the plains of North

No more hard work to pull the sleigh

And entertain the tots


It’s Santa’s time to call it quits

And hang his red attire

Am sure Hotel Del Coronado’s fame

Is the right place to retire

As is, the Christmas is offence to our modern conscience

The Snowman’s sad,

Alone he stands

And carrots are obnoxious


 And Santa?  just a poor old man

Who has to keep on working

Because his benefits are scarce

And no kids to support him

 The red and white offensive too

To ‘many ancient’  cultures

To say nothing of the booze

That serves a bad example


The sleds are dangerous for kids

They fail the regulations

Of safety/manufacture/use

In our sterile existence


As is , the festive greets of old

Hijacked by multi-culturism

Now “season’s greetings” de rigueur

Of  faceless relativism


So lets abolish winter whole

The bad and good in bundle

The storms along the Santa’s gifts

And hail the PC rabble


4 thoughts on “Lets cancel winter! And Christmas too….

  1. Instead let’s take a box of candles
    Or a wick and some oil of olives
    And in the middle of this harsh cold
    The bluff of commercial religion
    With its only 364 days left to shop
    Let’s light that little flame and in its glow
    We will warm, we will see through this
    Long enduring galutic diaspora

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  2. LOL Shalom, there is no “holier than thou” religion contest. Lets not talk about our religious commercialisation and merchandising….:)


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