An organizational version of the Snow-White tale! In rhyme.

Mirror mirror on the wall

Who’s the dumbest of them all?

Who’s the biggest cheat and fad

That mismanages budget?


Who’s the self-assured buffoon

That behaves just like a goon

Barking orders all around

And the slaves can’t peep a sound


Cronies’ legions in  tow

 Dark suits floating in row

Hailing leader, lickimg boot

Greasy praise will never mute

Here she comes the org adviser

Carrying briefcase to look wiser

Papers stuck under her arm

Busy look won’t hide the harm

Yet another useless meeting

Time snails on and we are wilting

Full of corporate cliches

Zero value, but who cares?


Sycophant just got promoted

Motion hailed  ‘talent supporting’

Everybody knows the truth

Keeping silent- that’s the ruse


Coming next is cutting costs

People brace themselves for  worst

Code word for the brutal cuts

Workers footballed to the sharks

Bring the excellence promoters

Meritology proponents

Corp as family oracles

Human value  tabernacles


Mirror mirror on the wall

When will we wrest back control

We’ve been robbed of in our lives

By the greedy pack of lies


Mirror mirror on the wall

When we’ll wake up to the call

 Since the world  began to spin

Shackles only changed their tint

Mirror mirror on the wall

Kindly tell us where it’s gone

Magic tech to cleanse us free

And restore our liberty!

Modern slavery

P.S. – actually, it’s already here  😦


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