Israel as a comic relief……for the weekend

OK, I was serious enough for the last couple of posts, so I guess I deserve a well earned comic relief. It’s Friday and my mind is totally empty of any meaningful thought. The blessing of eternal vacuum in the BOX. YYEESS. No new serious thoughts allowed till Sunday.

So here it goes….

1. Why I hope Bibi will lose  the upcoming elections? Because the defeat is his only chance to regain  independence  from the morons of his party and also…. escape his domestic jail. Hey, even  murderers get one third of the sentence reduced for good behavior. Let him come under the Hague human rights treaty. Animals have their rights upheld, surely some clemency can be extended to him as well….Wondering smiley.



2. There is no such thing as a ‘left-wing party’ in Israel. When it comes to economy, our greatest socialists are usually millionaires, and greatest peace lovers are former generals.

3. ISIS and their siblings did a huge favour to Israel – all of a sudden we are aware of our own, homegrown ‘Sharia’ parties: and they bicker the same way their Muslim Sunni/Shiite counterparts do. Who said Islam and Judaism were different?

4. We will die for peace. Good solution, especially when realty is accessible exclusively to socialist millionaires,  and  the only property free market masses can afford (thanks to the government subsidies), is the burial plot.

 5. Americans love Bibi. They think he’s a great leader and wish they had one like him. And I say, no problem – lets swap! We will ship Bibi and Sara over there and get Barack and Michelle in return. I think after a year, Obama will sign  three times bigger a cheque for Israel, as  ransom to go back home, no matter what post  he will be offered.


Laughing emoticon


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