Why Russians will have it all 2 – a grass roots update

 Just talked to my mom, bless her, and she told me that watching the Euro news in Russian there was a report about the Eurasian Economic summit in Minsk. with Armenia officially asking to join and China and India in a queue as well. Now what is a Eurasian Economic Union, you may justly ask? It’s the modern reincarnation or – actually rising from the ashes – of the FSU – almost all republics present. Including the Muslim ones as well (for some reason, THEY are NOT enamoured with the idea of Sharia and Khalifate. Think they understand what side the bread is buttered).

However, the more interesting fact  my mom mentioned, was  the “sniffers/peepers” at the door: Vietnam, Korea (don’t remember which) and lo and behold – Israel! – on top of them all. Now that I found intriguing. So browsing the Net I stumbled on this interesting info from about 6 months ago: apparently we were trying to join the party by signing a customs free zone with the Eurasian Economic Union countries. Speaking of baskets and eggs. Here’s the link:


So while the w……g West fails to tackle ISIS in its utter impotence to send in the ground troops, and while the ragheads are encroaching on Russia, she moves ahead with its plans to rebuild the Empire, send the radicals to meet the virgins in Heaven (preferably in as many pieces as possible) and emerge as the alternative superpower to the crumbling Europe and US.

Napoleon or Hitler anyone? And the deep Russian marshes?




6 thoughts on “Why Russians will have it all 2 – a grass roots update

  1. I don’t understand what you are saying. What do you mean Israel is a sniffer/peeper at the door? Door where? And, what is “w……g West”???

    I read your other blog part one. That one made sense to me. This has me completely lost.


  2. Oh, it’s simple. Here’s the translation of sarcastic (and a bit rude) humour:

    1. sniffer/peeper= the undecided countries who may be interested to join the Alliance (door).

    2. w……g= masturbating (wanking ;( )

    Clearer now?


  3. So, Israel may be deciding to join what “alliance”?

    ISIS is a creation of the USA. US Congress even voted to fund them. There are pictures of John McCain with ISIS leaders. The sole purpose of ISIS is to get the USA into Syria to destroy Syria. I don’t understand what you are saying.



  4. Russia is building an alternative to US axis alliance. Because America has made many foreign policy mistakes in the last 8 years, many are happy to have another choice of power center – like Russia. Israel has been damaged by US as well. Taking into account that we always have had ties with Russia, it won’t be illogical for us to join.

    At this point in time, it really doesn’t matter who created ISIS. It has run out control. Europe has difficulty tackling them, Russia, if it comes too close to them, will not be so gentile.


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