The rise of the King of Ice – Diamonds as the new “It” thing in the chip industry

 silicon chip: PCB Stock Photo

Marilyn, Liz, Zsa Zsa, Posh, Kim et al – move aside girls. Your petty rocks and baubles are not so impressive anymore. There is a new King of Ice in town and He has nothing to do with superficial expressions of love and vain decoration. That’s one heavy dude there and he’s worth billions. The new guy on the block is the electronics/semiconductors sector which all of a sudden became aware of the benefits of diamonds to its circuits. Up till now silicone was the material prevalent in the manufacturing of the  chips (yes, again, same material, different gender adjusted usages 🙂 ) for electronics, however certain chemical and physical properties of the stone render it perfect for the semis:

1. Its ability to disperse heat and conduct it 5 times faster than normal conductive/semi conductive materials (diamond is a thermal sink, solving the problem of the minimized devices thermal bottleneck –

2. Has the highest density per atoms, which allows 1 cm of diamond to withstand 10 million EV

3. Extreme resistance against shock, pressure, radiation and even acid

All of this could play an important role in high processing devices “i.e server farms” (

So great is the value of the stone, that (given the shortage of the natural ones, what with the mining going down due to the geomorphological conditions De Beers  established  in 2011 a partner company named Element Six , which specializes in manufacturing synthetic diamonds and exploring it’s potential usage in power microwave electronics industries (

But I guess this new business was kept a bit under wraps from the general public of potential and existing customers of the natural stone, not to damage its reputation and business value. After all,  industry projections  forecast a huge price hike due to  supply and demand balance, or actually, imbalance….( ) .

Now, with all these developments it will be even more challenging for a girl to get her rock. Oh, well, the personal sacrifices on a way to progress…..sad face emoticon



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