On Human Mice…..An alternative narrative to the Nutcracker …..

 When the world becomes infested with Mice……


Obama Mouse


All of a sudden I had this ‘revelation’: maybe the Nutcracker didn’t win and the Mouse King turned him into a mouse. His mother, the Mouse Queen, who put the curse on him in the first place, decided to marry him. End of story. And then they beget the whole new breed of human mice – descendents of which rule us today. The cowardly, sneaky, squeaky race has managed to work their devious way up to the top and now drive the world into ruins. That’s why it looks so dirty and smelly – after all, this species thrives in the gutter. And we are flooded with sewage.

And then,  the masks are off the Mickey Mouse Club and one sees their “true colours”. Another realisation creeps in: Disney had been had. Actually,  he’s controlled by THEM: his head emptied of its human brain and installed THEIR ‘software’.  Damn, that’s why we all find the Mouse and his Club so affable and got addicted. While under our noses they plot world domination.




Actually, we have been played.  It’s us who have taken their subservient place in the bigger scheme of things. It’s us who are running our small errands of the mundane life, busying ourselves with the insignificant trifles. The faceless inferior scattering nothings, blissfully ignorant of the new world order.  We’ve been willingly sedated  into this wonderful symbiotic existence with our new Pseudo-human Masters. We even don’t smell the stench anymore, the horrible acrid vapour of their and our entwined communion. Hurray, another day gone by and I still have a job! Well done to ME. I am a real achiever.

But, hold on, someone’s missing….Yes, Clara…Where is she? Did they get her too or she managed to escape? Maybe the Sugar Plum Fairy whisked her away? Or Drosselmeyer…What? She went to get the CAT? Yes, of course, the Warrior Cat….How did I forget about HIM?…Well, hope he had enough fish, though….The furry bastard…:)  Fish are always on HIS mind….


 This battle is gonna be long, filthy and bloody. The Rodents won’t give up easily. After all, they got used to our vacant brainless  docility. We’ve been so good for them all this time. Look how fat and rich they’ve become.

Want to write the end of  the story? Will The Cat win?


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