Why Russians will have it all!

And actually, save the world and Western civilisation in the process!


1. Because they don’t give a damn about public opinion of the West about them.

2. Because they have their hand on the energy tap of the world – especially Europe.

3. Because Putin is a better strategist and a poker player than any of his Western counterparts.

4. Because they are socially and mentally homogenous.

5. Because they take enormous pride in their history and culture and loath liberal cultural relativism and PC.

6. Because they are ruled by the ego maniac Tzar – whom they love.

7. Because they are spending like crazy bringing their science and related industries up to notch.

8. Because they DON”T value human life: and when ISIS et al are finished subjugating Europe, it’s the Russians who will keep them in check and actually “put them back into the Bottle and throw it in the Desert”, or even better – serve them up  to the virgins in Paradise.

9. Because there is no one else in the West with big enough balls to sort out the mess.

10. Because they will pluck  the spoils of both Western impotence and the 3d world countries’ backward denial.

11. Because China is still lying low.

12. Because when  China does wake up, they will reach an agreement and divide the world between them.

If I have omitted anything, please add below 🙂


13 thoughts on “Why Russians will have it all!

  1. A short but very relevant article (showing us how much Vickie is a sharpened spirit).

    Russia has always managed to defend its interests while we see this country as just brutal and unable to move towards a more complex identity, while this is, little by little, becoming wrong even if it will take time to achieve a processus towards more freedom. It could be one day a free but still strong and proud country, even if we don’t share all of its values.

    Daniel Frederic Gandus – Philosopher on Politics and Religions, Former Researcher-Lecturer at European Universities, Adviser on Lobbying, CEO at http://construire-ensemble.jigsy.com/ , the first French-Israeli Review entirely Quality-Oriented


  2. I believe that China already know this fact, thanks to the current crisis. If you notice these couple of months there are large movement from both countries;
    1. Right after the signing of food supply, pipelines & banking facilities.
    2. Huge combine military exercise by Russia, China and few other Central Asia nations
    3. Russia Naval Exercise at the Japan North Eastern disputes island with Russia
    4. China anti-trust agency raid several huge American & EU corporations, fines were in 100’s of million dollar was imposed.

    Currently talks are underway for high speed rail connect china, Mongolia, central Asia to Russia

    Russia and China currently had signed with more than 40’s countries to bypass the US Dollars and trade directly with their currency. The future of US Dollars as the Reserve currency looks weak at this point.


  3. 13. Because they do not share the same western laws and values (remember Chechnya and now Ukraine), so the west is not in a position to deal/influence them.


  4. As a russian, I can state that something in your article isn’t really correct. While we seem a slow developing country, we’re actually standing still and not moving anywhere. Maybe, just maybe there is progress, however for me to believe in it it must become a mundane part of everyone’s world. As long as there are still old trucks on roads and old-fashioned methods of curing patients I don’t actually believe this. I’ve heard “Oh look their stuff is so old but always works how is that so”, but, correct me if I’m wrong, that’s what I don’t like in my country. We see nothing new. There may be something, but it’s hidden. So if you expect Russia to “save the world”, it should be a miracle to actually happen at least in next twenty years.


  5. Hi, thanks for your comment. To address your issue:

    1. Where are you located geographically in Russia?
    2. From what I understand, the primary goal of Putin is not individual prosperity, but a collective progress. Meaning, he supports those (spheres and people) that contribute to that

    Example: what do you think is the Skolkovo project near Moscow, if not a gigantic attempt to build a thriving hi-tech industry. Russian oligarchs fund it, Western experts are involved. It has to make a giant 20 year leap to be on a par with its Western counterparts.

    FYI, English started building their Cambridge hi-tech town only about 10 years ago. OK, they are further on in that industry in general.

    He pours huge amounts of money to modernise military industry. It involves research, gives employment and prosperity to all those connected to it.

    Yes, the trucks may be old, a certain amount of people – dissatisfied. However, how long do you think it takes to catch up on neglect of dozens of years? Yes, the individual Russian takes the back seat in the process.


  6. 3. Some more: his ‘oligarchs’ scout the West for the most advanced technology that can be useful to Russia. Including enticing top professionals to come and work there.

    4. What do you think all the Western firms are doing in Russia? How about the automotive industry, revived by GM,Ford and the such, based on the old plants of Soviet Union? Do you see old soviet cars in Russia? The middle class drives old Ladas?

    5. Anything about German companies doing business there?

    6. What about the Financial industry?

    7. The new gas pipe line to China?

    What are all these in your view?


  7. What do you think of socialism in the Nordic countries? If i were younger and bolder, it would be very attractive to get a “free” education while performing real research, not just the next game design.

    I wonder what is going on in Denmark a place that scientist and engineers were once welcomed to ply their trade in peace. Where has all of that gone?

    And, while we are on the topic of scientist, what ever happened to the Arab scientist of Babylon that produced high level of math. Gone now; but what made them vanish and where did those thinkers go? What a waste. Why?


  8. Thelma, I am not that well versed in the Scandinavian countries and my opinion is of a total ignorant bystander who sees only the shallow positive outward projection. As such, I can only say “I wish”. However, the more informed say that these countries are plagued with their own unique problems. But that is true for any given country, so I guess it’s a theory of relativity here as well. Like where the problems are graver/easier.

    Regarding Arab scientists: the Muslim Empire as a progressive enlightening world force has expired in the 13th century and has not been reborn since. The only muslim scientists that do reach a high level of expertise and enjoy the world recognition are those that were successfully assimilated in the West, which allowed their talent to be realised and recognised. It’s a very broad generalisation of course, and there are always exceptions. But per definition, the exceptions are to the rule.


  9. Nothing short of brilliant…analysis, comments…pure gold. Thank you wonderful minds! At last I have foiund a place wherein people have read a couple books, can think independently, and communicately succinctly! Lovely, and so nice to meet you! Cheers on a TGIF! BTW, most Americans don’t read books and spend their time watching reality shows. They haven’t got a clue about what is going on around them in the world. It is really quite sad to me. I hate television programming – don’t watch. Okay – I did watch Breaking Bad after it was just over (first seasons all on NetFlix, last 1 on Amazon Prime) over a two week period. That was great! LOL


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