Where mind goes to sleep…..

Man with conceptual spiritual body art Stock Photo - 22351715

When you’re asleep, what’s your mind do

I asked a friend of mine

I guess it shuts itself as well, he said

And drifts into  Sublime

It moves? I quizzed, how can it be

It’s just a mash of cells

Electric circuit of neurons

It can’t  go anywhere

It goes to rest

And each cell beams itself into the Whole

They lay tranquille and idle there

Recharging consciousness


Your mind repairs to Source of All

To cradle of the US

Translucent Power, Home of  Stars

The Cosmic  waterhole.

It sucks the energy of  Nus

Collective stem of Life

So when you wake up at the dawn

You’re reborn new alive

Each morning when you greet the day

With all your Self refreshed

Just be aware that all this bliss

Is by your mind possessed

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6 thoughts on “Where mind goes to sleep…..

  1. ……or maybe our mind is only then truly awake? Our thoughts projecting outwards into the Great Blue, our minds open to receive and process (via dreams) our true consciousness…….


  2. You mean the Human Slumber, is the Mind’s great Awareness, which is later passed on to us? Can be….and very original. Thanks 🙂


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