How come that hi-tech companies still shun digital marketing?

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There is this endless ocean of words about digital marketing. The advice, concept, rules, conclusions . You name it. From big and small gurus. The do’s and don’ts of the trade.

Still, speaking from my  personal “narrow” experience, it is nevertheless baffling  how many hi-tech companies shun the sphere. Granted that there should be a meticulous expert profiling of the client and a tailor-made solution to their needs, I keep wondering why such a large amount of organizations do not wish to use this marketing tool.

I am talking SMBs, primarily B2B. Many in the IT sphere. They have all sorts of  ‘excuses’ for ‘not being there’: we are a niche business with a targeted clientele, we do “bricks and mortar” and don’t need to boost awareness; we don’t do B2C, so don’t need LI/FB/Twitter et al; we are too small and focused; we don’t see ROI in this and so on. Many of the execs themselves don’t understand the marketing value of the digital presence. And one cannot blame it on the lack of a marketing budget. They simply chose not to bother.

So these are the craftsmen of technology who make it happen and on the other hand, do not want to utilise it for their deal flow results. Can someone please explain this contradiction to me?





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