Definitions of sanity according to present day economics.

No further elaboration needed.



6 thoughts on “Definitions of sanity according to present day economics.

  1. Dear Vicki,
    I respect your intellect, but if a person want’s to “hoard” their cash, it is their right. They “earned” the cash and can do what they want with it in any way legally. Morally, that is another discussion and is more subjective.


  2. Hoarding cash is one thing, but investing to make more whilst generating jobs and opportunity for plenty. Well that is a good thing indeed. Spend it, invest it, gamble it even but dont just hoard it. For goodness sake do something with it!


    • I have to say “again why?”, what right do we have to say how someone should spend their money legally? Net Wealth = assets – liabilities, you will not find wealthy people hoarding cash in mattresses, wealthy people want more and that can only happen by investing which helps EVERYONE!. If, there are hoarders of cash (very unlikely due to the fact hoarding does not make money and inflation eats the wealth) their right is hoarding!


  3. Keith,

    1. Does financial engineering, which enriches only select few, help all the others?
    2. Does driving wages down in a corporate world creates wealth for everybody?

    It’s all legitimate money “hoarding”.

    3. There are much more Ford Focuses sold around the world than Maseratis. Better keep it that way, otherwise, the second will not have any servants and cash to buy Maseratis, because their financial investments fueled by the FF’s buyers will go bust, due to the impoverishment of the first.


  4. “A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business” Henry Ford
    Unbalanced pay levels will inevitably mean that more people will be pushed into minimum wage jobs and that inevitably means that their incomes will have to be supplemented with state benefits. Low wages damage productivity and encourage dependency.
    Developed Economies cannot survive on financial engineering and services alone, they need investment by state and individuals to assure the income of all, at all income levels.
    Hoarding money or more accurately generating income with scant regard for how its generated or who might be affected so long as its a huge personal income will eventually result in collapse of systems and incomes generally.


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