Social networks – a shattered mirror of our society!

I’ve been seriously pissed off yesterday. By some troll in LinkedIn. He really annoyed me on several counts. Will start with the ’cause’ for this online browl: I posted on LinkedIn an article from the Telegraph announcing Soros’ pending nuptials to a woman younger than his sons, advising to pay attention to the talkbacks at the bottom of the piece ( I liked them, the no-nonsense, see-through acerbic humour, calling this union what it really is. An institutionalised prostitution at the global elite level.  What else would you call  rich old men buying women half or less their age.

Although I didn’t pin any moral judgement on the status, a lively discussion ensued, in which I even pointed out the couple’s resemblance to Morticia and Fester Addams. Browse the pic in the link from the Telegraph – the likeness is hard to miss.

However, Fate has been laughing  at this relationship in more than a sheer physical resemblance aspect: the age of the groom, the good chance of his wife becoming a “Black Widow”…And then the troll “hijacked” the discussion and  started the barrage of personal insults, in vein of:  my “projecting personal issues”, having a childish personality and other mock (or muck?)-Freudian analysis of my deepest character flaws. That on top of my being mean, slanting….(bitch? Well he didn’t call me that yet, but it would only be a natural addition to the string of the ‘flattering’ epithets).

1. So he ruined my sarcastic status, because I do see marriages of this kind as a twisted practical joke. Make no mistake, Soros is not unqie in the trend. Take Rupert Murdoch for example or any other billionaire who buys himself a trophy wife like a Rolex. What puzzles me is that, these women are not of some deprived background from the slums of Jakarta or Kiev. Many of them are graduates of the Ivy league institutions, which by itself, was supposed to serve as an adequate kick off …. even to riches, to say nothing of a satisfying career. Apparently not.  Apparently, big money always smells Chanel 5, even if comes in a decaying package.  And no medical technology can halt the process at this point.  Ask Murdoch/Wendi Deng – the poor guy looks like underwent several “improvements”.

2. The troll went on to retort with examples from the art world which I addressed that, but then it deteriorated into a blatant personal attack, so I deleted the whole feed.

And this brings me to the issue of  differentiation, if exists among social networks. LinkedIn is not FB, or at least not supposed to be . By definition, it was created with a professional crowd interaction in mind, meaning the discussions should be allowed to run deeper and more meaningful than an average status on FB. Or am I just being incurrably naive. Yesterday’s interaction taught me that we are still in the Morse code mode of communication, just by a more advanced means.

I tried to explain where Chaplin, Picasso & Co. vary from Murdoch, Soros et al. And it took me more than 140 characters.

So I was rediculed, “analysed” and villified. I simply called quits and put an end to the charade.

 I can’t help wondering, that this encounter, if succeeded to materialise, could really be an interesting string of thought regarding certain sociological practices. The face of our society changes constantly, not least by a digital technology, and a ‘reputable’ platform like LinkedIn could faciliate an open, almost “grass-roots”  intellectual exchange…Or maybe it’s not wanted there, and the “place” is just a job hunting billboard.

And as always, Google is the usual culprit. Liberal Arts academics are vociferous in blaming the Engine and Internet culture for the shallowness of the info and the fast disappearing ability of the students to deeply research, analyse and collate valubale information.  Apparently, in practice, technology erodes human analitical skills, instead of reinforcing them.  A fascinating observation, isn’t it?

So  Page&Brin are dumbing us down and Reid Hoffman’s “baby” wants your premium buck to rub virtual shoulders…with whom? Maybe as an additional feature to their phylanthropic agenda, they should infuse their businesses with a real meaning and rebrand them to truly bring forth the better in us (becuse right now, it’s more like a casino site owner paying for a gambling addict’s rehab:().


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