An Engineer’s Guide to Cats – funny!

A bit too long, but horribly cute and ‘educational’. There are, apparently,  engineers with EQ –   a discovery fit for “Science” and “Nature” magazines.  They even attempt to laugh at themselves, in their own square way. WOW…..

P.S. – apparently, this video propelled him into almost an iternational celebrity status, got him an article in NY Times (2008) , he has his own cat channel on youtube (with lots more funny cat pieces). And yes, he’s an aerospace engineer… Go figure. 🙂


4 thoughts on “An Engineer’s Guide to Cats – funny!

  1. As an engineer, I can easily understand the motivation of this videotape authors. How do you call an engineer who raise seven cats to have enough statistical variety?


  2. My own Clio is Zoe’s identical twin 🙂 And both are beautiful (hint, hint at all Zoes :)). Some of the engineers are useful indeed 😉


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