www.rumafia.com – The Russian Assange? – or hopefully not…

Irrespective of the alleged sexual crimes of Julian, his activity has succeeded to unite all rivalling nations on the Globe against him. Democracies and Totalitarian regimes, all of a sudden had a common cause for cooperation  – Australian sex-obsessed leftist weirdo – who aired their dirty little (and big) secrets. How much damage can one man-show do? Apparently a lot.

Why am I reminding you  this? Because couple of days ago surfing the NET, I stumbled on this site, which jolted the reminiscence of Assange. OMG, look what the cat dragged in:

Actually, it all started with the Forbes’ Richest lists and then resulted in my finding  www.rumafia.com.

22.2.2018 – UPDATE: SADLY THE SITE HAS BEEN TAKEN DOWN SOME TIME AGO  (don’t know when exactly), but found new link TO IT ON RUSSIAN SOCIAL NETWORK. IT’S HERE, BUT IN RUSSIAN ONLY   https://vk.com/rumafianet


11.4.2018 – THEY HAVE OPENED ON TMBLR NOW! IN ENGLISH!  HERE   https://rumafia.tumblr.com/


russian mafia image

The site is a bi-lingual (Russian-English) elaborate cobweb of Russian Oligarchs’ government and  world-wide  connections. All drawn and explained in finest details. Gold mine for the present day John Le’Carres and Ian Flemmings. No country exempt – they all have an outpost in every democracy in the world – Israel included of course. Our Lev Levayev is mentioned, along other Israeli businessmen and entrepreneurs whose businesses have changed hands into Russian ownership (BARAN Group for example).

I don’t know who are the people behind this site (and naturally, they don’t disclose their identity – for obvious reasons) …..and have no guarranty of its authenticity and veracity. However, it makes an interesting and compelling reading. A genuine “fodder for thought”:)

Enjoy and watch out!!!!

P.S. –  (Reuters) – Nordic telecoms company Tele2 (TEL2b.ST) said on Wednesday (March 27, 2013) it would sell its Russian operations to bank VTB Group (VTBR.MM) in a $3.5 billion deal that could ease competition in the market.


VTB is a state-owned bank. Does it signify a change in Putin’s economic policy?


2 thoughts on “www.rumafia.com – The Russian Assange? – or hopefully not…

  1. Not exactly MAFIA in the American style. The Russian laws leaves a lot of space for such operations. The main reason to the phenomena is the abrupt shift from Socialistic economy to Capitalistic one without controlling laws.


  2. You are right, Tal. However, each country/culture and its own version of Mafia. Look at Yakuza in Japan for example. I guess you will find culture conditioning there as well, in comparison to both US and Russia. Or other countries around the world. 🙂


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