Happy Passover in a funny spirit!!!


4 thoughts on “Happy Passover in a funny spirit!!!

  1. Very PC, I celebrate Pesah rather than Easter (I gave-up Christianity some years ago, the only good thing about Easter is the chocolate eggs). Looking forward to my Seder meal (I’m not really) with friends.

    Happy Holidays 🙂



  2. Philip, being a medieval pre-renessaince theologian by education. I find a lot of beauty in Christian tradition. I think the cultural application of both can benefit all. Spinosa was Jewish, as was Modigliani,Frieda Kalo, Gershwin, Glen Miller and Sten Getz. But could we live without Bach, Chopen and Albinoni?

    Regarding chocolate – totally wasted on me. One of the few people in this world that are not crazy about it – to put it in a British Understatement 😦


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