Why I like Putin- breaking News!

5/1/2013 – I must have been prescient when I wrote the below. Apparently, Gerard Depardieu received Russian citizenship. Open the following update from  the Guradian:


and Reuters:


And something else – got this great quote from a friend in an email today: “I’ve been married to a communist and a fascist and neither would take out the garbage.” 
~ Zsa Zsa Gabor



I have to confess an unpopular penchant for Putin –  am probably one of his very few admirers. I think the man is a political genius – as a leader who wisely leaps over the mines in our modern life mine field. Do I see a stone flying my way?

Moreover, I think he’s a ‘no-nonsense, in your face’ kind of Boss, yes, brace yourself – with a strong personal integrity. So before you call the guys with the straight jacket to take me in, lets look at few bare facts, shall we?

Some of the old, used, cliches, usually prove horrendously right. Like: ideology is the last refuge of the scoundrel (see all the western-style democracy zealots). And the realities in the progressive over-enlightened West seem to support this idiom lock, stock and barrel.

The impeccable Western Democracy has prompted the French PM, Francois Hollande to try over-tax the rich (=getting above 1M euro income), up to almost 75% tax. He’s re-submitting his proposal to fit the law (because, apparently, the definition was unlawful in the first attempt) . Did I just hear government coercion or private assets expropriation, anybody? So what has he achieved so far?  Except for the big money fleeing  the country, “across the road”, with Bernard Arnault, Gerard Depardieu and the likes, to be picked up  by Brits (suffering massive wealth drain themselves), Belgians  and Swiss.  Have the masses benefited from it yet? Boost to the industry, more jobs, bigger pay – not really. People are still angry and protesting.

Italy has “amended” bank withdrawal laws and may see the old lecher’s triumphant comeback soon, because there is no foreseeable alternative. How will it affect the economy? Nobody can tell.

Spain and the rest better start polishing their German. Irish are re-occupying Australia and New Zealand. US – who the hell knows what’s going on there?

So all of the world is pretty much in a socio-economic turmoil (nothing said yet about  Arab revolutions, which are still in motion). And what about Russia?

1. First of all, Putin has his hand on the energy tap of Europe. So they better behave.

2. Modus Vivendi with his uber-rich – and here is the main beauty of his way: he won’t over-tax them – he doesn’t have to. Both know how those billions were made: taking over the national treasures and complying with Chief’s (who allowed this quick enrichment) wishes. You can’t even call the first looting, because these guys got the derelict state companies and turned them around into profitable businesses. But what a businessman (Western or Eastern) wouldn’t seize such an opportunity to control a golden-egg hen? These once-in-a-life-time occasions usually drift  into the  hands of Administration’s cronies.

So Putin’s friends got it all: money, freedom to live as (and where) they like, conditioned by a couple of rather simple  unwritten rules, one of them being: when your benefactor places a call – you do what he says without questioning . Thus Abramovitch bought into silver mines in Yakutia couple of years ago, after being publicly solicited to do by the Boss, stepped in to resolve the Norilsk Nikel oligarch fight last month; Viktor Vekselberg was asked to finance the Skulkovo project, and so on.

Why is it good? Well, because it does create jobs and riches seem to trickle in the top-down direction. Go compare Moscovits to Milanese and see who’s happier.

Mass protests, definitely – lets find the difference:

Europe’s on fire because its economy (based on personal greed and institutional corruption) collapsed and its political foundation – democracy – has no effect or remedy for the inherent  financial illnesses of extreme individual gain gluttony and myopia. So the only thing the impoverished masses can do, is openly vent their frustration by occupying streets and smashing designer shops. Their anti-corruption cries don’t seem to impress the ruling democratic – and utterly corrupt! – classes. US  desperately tries not to fall off the self-erected fiscal cliff.

Russians took to the streets for different reasons: they are vying the Western style democracy and transparency . And Putin’s persistently NOT giving them that.

In the business world, we are measured by results – the outcome of our managerial strategy – and if we draw the balance it reveals an interesting picture:

The democratic, once rich, West in a Mission Impossible style of  light-speed  self-destruction. US is in tatters as well, and Gates et al’s promises to benefit next generations via generous philanthropic endowments, leave most of the potential recipients of their grace unfazed, because they need the assistance NOW (actually – yesterday) – not in 30 years.

And on the other side, a quasi-totalitarian,  politically horribly in-correct, Russia has embarked on the path of closing the tech gap and has been massively investing in that for the last 20 years. Putin accelerated the process. That, in addition to modernising its traditional industries. Not by begging (Hollande style) its rich  to kindly agree to pay a bit more into government coffers, but by simply compelling them to foot the bill of Russia’s progress. Not entirely altruistically of course – they are profiting from it as well. But so do the “rank and file”, who see more jobs created and enjoy the rising living standards. Looks like a win-win situation, wouldn’t you agree?

The smug, self-righteous, patronising, cheating West, hypocritically preaching its LAW to the whole world, is “triumphantly” marching, sceptre and orb in hand, stark NAKED, after robbing His own people of their future. And Russia’s “bully” is increasingly appearing as the Road Runner (meep, meep)

  easily overtaking the rival, on his way to climb back onto  Imperial pedestal.

Icarus style hubris cum Tartuffe’s morals? I’ll take Putin, any time, thank you.

Besides, he likes cats, so he’s definitely my soul-mate 🙂


11 thoughts on “Why I like Putin- breaking News!

  1. You can afford liking Putin from a distance. With all of the deficiencies of the Western economy, its still far better then to live in Russia these days.


  2. Tal, with all due respect, if you are an ordinary person, going about your ordinary mundane life (not planning revolutions and such), are you sure that your life is worse than in the West?

    Look at the Russian urban middle classes – they seem to be far better off than their western counterparts these days. I think he deciphered the most complicated and fundamental axiom of life – LIVE AND LET LIVE!!!! This is what everybody wants, isn’t it?


  3. Unfortunately, politicians are crooks everywhere. I prefer the democratic system, where the crooked leaders go to jail (well, some time) when they commit crimes, rather than Putin’s system, in which one goes to jail for criticizing the leader.

    Anyway, I admire your writing skills Vickie…….. keep going !


  4. Thanks Eran, and I prefer the system which truly takes care of its citizens, irrespective the title it goes under. Meaning, both West and East have corrupt leadership and it doesn’t sooth me if in the West, the culprits – sometimes (not always) – find themselves in jail, as long as people are jobless and futureless. My benchmark is who expands and upgrades the middle classes. To-date, we’ve reached the state where Western middle class collapsed and the leadership who made it happen is now trying to re-sell itself as the one that will amend the wrong? Personally, think it’s pathetic.

    I think to say that Putin’s jailing people who speak against him is too simplistic. True, he sees himself as Tzar and doesn’t like opposition. What’s the difference to Berlusconi or Thatcher? The tactical means how to stay in office. Where are more career opportunities today – in West or in Russia?

    And last, but not least, speaking of general western hypocrisy: following your logic West should have been boycotting China for ages – because of its regime and human rights infringements, So why the progressive democrats from all over are queuing and tripping all over themselves to get its business or labour force. To say nothing of doing business with Iran. So I think enough is enough with hollow slogans and armchair liberalism – when it comes to money, there are no devils or pariahs. And I don’t think Putin is the worst!!!! At least he’s giving something to his people as well.


  5. Additional thought – hungry people cannot fill their stomachs with liberal ideas – they need money for food. I feel that democratic regimes too often tend to forget that, with their progressive self-smugness. And then they are having brutal wake-up calls – like now.


  6. Oh, last thing, Eran, forgive my progressive Alzheimer’s (you know comes with advanced age 😦 ): who’s hunting Julian Assange? The totalitarian Putin? No? May it be the Interpol of the liberal West? Ooooopppss, we did it again, didn’t we?


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