Ride the panic – sack ‘em ‘ol!!!!

I have managed to reconstruct the article (published in TIM’s November 2008 newsletter) from my personal files. Below: November Guest Author Ride the panic – sack ‘em ‘ol!!!!!! By: Vickie Zisman “Hey ho, hey ho – it’s time for you to go” and you, you and you. The whole millions and millions of YOU – […]

The difference of marketing behavior in big and small companies- השוני בגישה השיווקית בחברות גדוות לעומת קטנות

    Just a short quick strategic musing. These days I just completed a logistics and shipping industry survey for a certain publication. I have interviewed 10 companies: about 5 big ones (including local branches of internationals) and 5 small local providers. Their marketing behavior couldn’t be more polar. Basically, the big ones didn’t try […]

My Kittie Cat

My kittie cat jumped on my lap and said: Why don’t you scratch my chin While you at that I will collect My thoughts that are within My fingers running through her fur Extracted blissful purr Her eyes  closed shut and she reposed Submitting  evermore Her velvet paws just slightly twitched In tandem with her dreams I […]

Why Russians will have it all 2 – a grass roots update

 Just talked to my mom, bless her, and she told me that watching the Euro news in Russian there was a report about the Eurasian Economic summit in Minsk. with Armenia officially asking to join and China and India in a queue as well. Now what is a Eurasian Economic Union, you may justly ask? It’s the […]

The rise of the King of Ice – Diamonds as the new “It” thing in the chip industry

  Marilyn, Liz, Zsa Zsa, Posh, Kim et al – move aside girls. Your petty rocks and baubles are not so impressive anymore. There is a new King of Ice in town and He has nothing to do with superficial expressions of love and vain decoration. That’s one heavy dude there and he’s worth billions. […]

On Human Mice…..An alternative narrative to the Nutcracker …..

 When the world becomes infested with Mice……     All of a sudden I had this ‘revelation': maybe the Nutcracker didn’t win and the Mouse King turned him into a mouse. His mother, the Mouse Queen, who put the curse on him in the first place, decided to marry him. End of story. And then they […]

Why Russians will have it all!

And actually, save the world and Western civilisation in the process!   1. Because they don’t give a damn about public opinion of the West about them. 2. Because they have their hand on the energy tap of the world – especially Europe. 3. Because Putin is a better strategist and a poker player than […]