Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! to my friends, readers, followers Lets pray the 2014 brings correction to all the wrongs of the passing year, and infuses us with the Magic of Love, Hope and Compassion: To ourselves, our human and animal friends, this world in general! We have no one to count on, […]

Revolution’s dead! Actually, it was stillborn.

Have you ever seen a junkie ignite a revolution? Have you ever seen a junkie going on a march? Have you ever seen a junkie produce a healthy child? Have you ever seen a junkie daring to re-start? We are  the suckers and the junkies of the old ideas We’ve been given ” methadone” each […]

Musing of the day: Obama vs Putin

Why do I have this nagging feeling that Obama, in his utter global political laziness, blindness and impotence, has single-handedly and voluntarily, given the Globe over  to Putin for keeps? Middle East, Iran, Asia  to say nothing of Europe, are all being sorted out buy the Russian Dobby.  And the midget didn’t even have to […]

The tigers who came to tea….

I also want kitties like that….:) Just beautiful people who defy  fear and actually put their money where their mouth is, meaning Acting on their beliefs. Tigers and a domestic cat share  95% identical DNA. Enjoy the article and video of this amazing person and his cats.–insists-dangerous.html Where is PETA when a kitty in […]

Social networks – a shattered mirror of our society!

I’ve been seriously pissed off yesterday. By some troll in LinkedIn. He really annoyed me on several counts. Will start with the ’cause’ for this online browl: I posted on LinkedIn an article from the Telegraph announcing Soros’ pending nuptials to a woman younger than his sons, advising to pay attention to the talkbacks at […]