Ride the panic – sack ‘em ‘ol!!!!

I have managed to reconstruct the article (published in TIM’s November 2008 newsletter) from my personal files. Below: November Guest Author Ride the panic – sack ‘em ‘ol!!!!!! By: Vickie Zisman “Hey ho, hey ho – it’s time for you to go” and you, you and you. The whole millions and millions of YOU – […]

Why Russians will have it all!

And actually, save the world and Western civilisation in the process!   1. Because they don’t give a damn about public opinion of the West about them. 2. Because they have their hand on the energy tap of the world – especially Europe. 3. Because Putin is a better strategist and a poker player than […]

Where mind goes to sleep…..

When you’re asleep, what’s your mind do I asked a friend of mine I guess it shuts itself as well, he said And drifts into  Sublime It moves? I quizzed, how can it be It’s just a mash of cells Electric circuit of neurons It can’t  go anywhere It goes to rest And each cell beams itself into the Whole They lay tranquille […]

Diamonds are forever – especially when cannons roar!

“I have never hated a man enough to give his diamonds back.” Zsa Zsa Gabor The general mood out there in the global world is of depression. The pundit Cassandras are living the pre-WWIII climate (http://www.businessinsider.com/world-war-could-happen-iii-trigger-2014-7).  The Muslim world is in the regeneration birth pains, killing each other over the length of hijabs and width of eye-slots (always cherchez la […]

Israel-Gaza conflict – the war funnies

Every violent conflict gives birth to the war humour. On one hand,the macabre, on the other, a sarcastic outlook that allows  psychological respite. Well  known that humour is the best stress relief, and  yes, we should employ it to deal with anxiety of the current engagement with the Palestinians. Because laughter is the best anti-depressant  in the world. So, hearing the […]

How come that hi-tech companies still shun digital marketing?

There is this endless ocean of words about digital marketing. The advice, concept, rules, conclusions . You name it. From big and small gurus. The do’s and don’ts of the trade. Still, speaking from my  personal “narrow” experience, it is nevertheless baffling  how many hi-tech companies shun the sphere. Granted that there should be a meticulous expert […]

Social media inspirational leadership spam – Enough is Enough!

To be honest, am pretty much fed up with all the How-to: recruit/retain/manage/lead/inspire your employees etc….motivational junk in social media. Especially on LinkedIn. There is endless barrage of articles and quotes from ‘business leaders/management gurus/trend setters/C-levels and rank-‘n-file  members who, all of a sudden are allowed to share their “wisdom” with the crowd. Predominantly,  a copycat […]

Nice to get acquainted: blogs – a new form of Art, #Content Art

  When confronted with the question what do I get from this blog, except for the intellectual and moral satisfaction, it took me a while to figure out the answer. After all, regretfully, I am not making any money from it. People seem to enjoy my ideas, humour, cats, you name it, without any consideration of […]